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About of BMP Format:
BMP is a standard file format for computers running the Windows operating system. The format was developed by Microsoft for sotoring bitmap files in a device-independent bitmap (DIB) format that will allow Windows to display the bitmap on any type of display device.  
BMP files always contain RGB data. The file can be:  
1-bit: 2 colours (monochrome)  
4-bit: 16 colours  
8-bit: 256 colours.  
24-bit: 16777216 colours, mixes 256 tints of Red with 256 tints of Green and Blue  

Setting of BMP Format:
Here you can define the output image BMP resolution. Usually, a higher resolution setting will result in larger but higher quality BMP format, while a lower setting will result in smaller but lower quality BMP file.  
Important: Low resolution is ideal for screen viewing. However, if high-quality paper print or the accurate control of character position is required, you should specify resolution above (include) 600dpi.  
Colour spaces:  
· True Color (32 bit).  
· High Color (24 bit).  
· Middle Color (16 bit).  
· 256 colors (8 Bit).  
· 16 colors (4 Bit).  
· 2 colors (Black/White).  
· Greyscale (8 Bit).  
Sets the color space to be used for the BMP image format output.  


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