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PDF to Image Converter Setting of PCX Format

About of PCX Format:
The PCX format is a relatively simple format that provides a minimum of compression using Run Length Encoding (RLE). RLE means that the file can be read from start to finish in one pass and encoded or decoded without any holistic information (i.e., in order to figure out what the next encoded byte is, you only have to know what preceded it, not anything after it.) The PCX format is especially useful for 320x200x256 VGA mode 13h (where each pixel is stored as a byte). 

Setting of PCX Format:
Here you can define the output image PCX resolution. Usually, a higher resolution setting will result in larger but higher quality PCX format, while a lower setting will result in smaller but lower quality PCX file. 
Important: Low resolution is ideal for screen viewing. However, if high-quality paper print or the accurate control of character position is required, you should specify resolution above (include) 600dpi. 
Colour spaces: 
· True Color (32 bit). 
· High Color (24 bit). 
· Middle Color (16 bit). 
· 256 colors (8 Bit). 
· 16 colors (4 Bit). 
· 2 colors (Black/White). 
· Greyscale (8 Bit). 
Sets the color space to be used for the BMP image format output.