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Excel to PDF

I need to grab an excel file and convert to pdf on cfm page load. Any ideas?


Excel to PDF Converter lets you instantl convert Microsoft Excel documents into fully-formatte and professional-quality PDF file format. Functionin as a plug-in to the applications that you use ever day - Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher. Now you ca create and convert PDF files in Microsoft Excel, withou the need for Adobe® Acrobat®.

The Method:

  • Step1 - After you have install Excel to PDF Converter successfully, you can see a toolbar in MS Excel program.
    The Excel to PDF Converter main interface looks like below picture.
    Click to see how does Excel to PDF Converter works?

  • Step2 - Open an Excel Document in the MS Excel program.
  • Step3 - Click "Save as PDF " button to convert current document to PDF file.

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Other Method: