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XLS to Image Converter V4.00 is a EXCEL Addin component/DLL that Convert XLS to Jpeg, Tiff, Bmp, Ps, Eps format by one click. And XLS to Image Converter V4.00 don't need any software such as adobe acrobat.

In many cases, you may need distribute many types of information electronically,
and ensure that your files can be viewed by almost any imaging program,
document management solution, or file viewer, and need to create and send
high-quality faxes using industry-standard resolutions.

XLS to Image(JPG/TIFF/BMP/PNG/PCX/EPS/PS) Converter V4.0 is the fast, easiest
way to convert EXCEL XLS to professional-quality Jpeg/Jpg/Tiff/Bmp/Eps/Ps
files file format . Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create Jpeg/Jpg/
Tiff/Bmp/Eps/Ps files by simply click the "Save as Image" button from MS Excel,
creating documents which can be viewed on any computer with a Image viewer.


· It quickly converts Excel XLS document to Image format..  
· It is very powerful and easy-to-use!  
· It supports all popular Image format.  
· It allows you to preserve original document layout.  


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